Welcome to Our 2017 Winter Camp! (Sold Out!)

About The Show

All young magic reindeer need a good, well-rounded education. Fortunately, they are able to get one from the School of Reindeer at (where else?) the North Pole. They can study all of the important subjects like math, science, reading, music, and so on. But they also have to have specialized training in necessary skills like leaping, reindeer games, and of course, flying.

Now you would think that flying comes easily to these youngsters, and the truth is, all magic reindeer do have the ability to fly. However, it doesn't just happen. It has to be learned, or at the very least, chosen, as the young reindeer in our story discover for themselves.

Frustrated by their inability to simply take off, they wonder why they can't just get up and go. As the tale unfolds, it is revealed that it is the kindness in a reindeer's heart that renders flight possible. An inspiring message for us all, to be sure.


What Are The Age Limits? 4-12
What Time Is It? 9am-3pm
Where Is It? Concord Community Church
When Is It? December 19-21


Registration is open until the first day of camp or until the camp is full.

There are two ways to register:

  1. Click "Add to Cart" below for online registration. (An additional $2.75 online processing fee is applied to online orders.)
  2. Download the Registration Form and mail with payment to:
    Stagecraft, PO Box 145, Anderson, SC 29622

Whether registering online or by mail, don't forget to bring your completed Medical/Photo Release Form and Behavior Contract to the first day of the session!
Important! This camp requires a minimum amount of students! If we do not have enough students, we will be forced to cancel!

sold out!