Audition details

Students ages 8-18 who are enrolled in classes/intensive are eligible to audition for the a main stage show.
(Students may be 7 years old at auditions IF they turn 8 by the end of the show. Likewise, you must be 18 at auditions to be eligible)

The Process

Choose an audition song that is roughly 60 seconds in length.  You can either choose your own song or we will have Bear Necessities that you can sing.

Print your sheet music and make sure it is clearly marked with a starting and ending point.  We ask that you put your sheet music in a binder or mounted in a folder which makes it easier for the accompanist to read.

PLEASE practice your audition song!

You must print and fill out the audition packet.  It does require a photo to be attached to the audition form.  

Bring your music and  completed audition packet to auditions!

You will be divided into groups and rotate through auditions.  You will sing, dance, and have measurements taken during the evening.

When it is your turn to sing you will hand your music to the accompanist and discuss your song.  The accompanist is there to help you and make you look good!  You should talk with the accompanist about the tempo for your song.  Once you are ready step up, introduce yourself, and give us your best audition ever!

You need to wear comfortable clothes at auditions because you will be dancing as a group.  The choreographer will teach a short piece of a song and watch you dance.  No preparation is needed.

You will also have your measurements taken by some of the costume moms.  Once you have done all three you are free to go.

The callback list will be made and you will get a phone call the same night if you are needed at callbacks. 

Just because you do not get a callback does not mean you are not in the cast.  We only call back for certain roles.  At auditions, we will announce when the cast list will be posted.


Choose a song that reflects your personality and that you are comfortable performing.

Choose a song in your vocal range.

Choose the best 60 seconds of a song. You don't have to start at the beginning.

Practice!  Practice in front of a mirror so you can see what we see.

Project!  We want to hear you.

Think about the words you are singing and reflect those emotions.

Wear appropriate clothing and pull your hair out of your face.

Be kind to those around you. We notice behavior at auditions.

If you forget words or moves, keep going!  We appreciate your ability to pull yourself through.


Chew gum

Put your hands in your pockets and sway back and forth.

Singing acapella will not be allowed.

If you are asked to do something, please try!  Don't tell us you can't.  At least give us your best shot.

Natural movement to a song is allowed but do not choreograph your audition.  The artistic team will see your dance ability in the dance portion of the audition.